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Built for doctors, loved by patients.


The digital fertility solution that improves the patient-doctor relationship.



There are 6 main benefits of our service:

  • Personal design according to doctor's needs, therefore easy to use.
  • Artificially-intelligent chatbot can answer patient questions at any time. 
  • Summarized "Patient Profile" using their medical information they upload
  • Personalized patient care that builds trust effectively.
  • HIPAA compliant and 100% secure 
  • "Time Management" feature that saves patients and doctors time

Patients love our service



Our goal is to provide the best value possible.

We are always improving our software to make that happen.

We start conversations with patients, provide free information, get them in contact with others, and gather feedback.

We clinically analyze the feedback and the results to find what is most helpful and valuable for all our patients.

We start the improvement process again as soon as we gather more information.

We update our technology, processes and database to provide a better experience and achieve better results


Interested to learn more? Contact me below.

Chiara Chianese

CEO of FertiLite™️ 

PhD, Genomics in Fertility

chiara@fertilite.co  |  Tel: +34 603-876-617

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