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Infertility Awareness:

Why there is a serious need for improvement

To decide whether having children or not as well as the right moment and process is an individual preference that should be ideally based on analyzing the best information available at the moment. Nonetheless, the general population’s knowledge is low when it comes to fertility.

Providing accurate information about fertility must be a priority for education systems to improve fertility awareness.

Did you know more than 1 in 8 couples – over seven million Americans – will have trouble getting pregnant? Although infertility is a common medical condition, it is an extremely emotional and difficult experience for couples, often leaving them feeling confused, isolated and alone.

Source: https://nevadafertility.com/infertility-awareness-week/

There have been different social and demographic changes during the last six years that are having an impact on fertility rates:

  1. First, men are postponing parenthood due to various reasons (education, traveling, financial status, and so on)

  2. Second, women are getting pregnant older.


The overall fertility rates are falling. It is well-known that both male and female fertility rates decrease with age, and as a result of a combination of the previously mentioned factors. 

Infertility is a significant public health issue according to the World Health Organization (WHO), since it is estimated that its global prevalence is around 9 to 15%.


Despite this, there are still many people that do not know the facts of infertility, including the following:

  1. Infertility definition,

  2. Infertility signs and symptoms

  3. Infertility prevention and treatment.


Another critical point of interest in this review is that most people are unaware of how undergoing an infertility treatment can change their reproductive life. 


The media play an essential role in sharing reliable information. Misinformation occurs by creating the idea that Assisted Reproduction Therapies (ART) can always solve age-related infertility (which isn't always the case). Some (incorrect) information spread online show clinical cases of patients who had a successful pregnancy and delivery with the help of such technologies, like in vitro fertilization (IVF).


Considering this significant unawareness level of the population, the Fertility Education Initiative (FEI) has been founded in the UK to empower men and women to make better decisions regarding fertility and reproduction by providing reliable information based on the best evidence from trusted scientific authorities.

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