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Why are we doing this?

Many aspiring parents are vulnerable, ill-informed, and most will do anything to have the chance of having a child.
Meanwhile, many doctors do not have enough time to provide the emotional support needed for aspiring parents in their journey. Doctors also have to handle patients who found conflicting medical information on the internet, and have difficulties keeping track of their medical information.  
We believe doctors have a duty to help the patient come to the right decisions for them, even if that means challenging their expectations and assumptions.
We believe in the spirit of mutual co-operation and patient-centered care.
We are the only digital solution that helps doctors build a closer relationship with patients, while also saving hours of precious time. 


To empower the spirit of co-operation between patients and doctors

To empower patients going through the most difficult time of their lives and give hope

To empower doctors to build trust and patient-centered care in their practice.