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Online Infertility Support Groups:

Are there advantages for patients?

It is known that individuals dealing with the stress and emotional burden of infertility may lead to depression or anxiety. Indeed, some studies report that anxiety and depression symptoms in infertile women are similar to those of patients facing other medical conditions.

There are different ways to perform an intervention that can have a significant effect on people diagnosed with infertility. In a clinical study of 283 females and 236 males, results have shown that, in general, four out of five patients were interested in the implementation of online peer support; the majority of the interested patients were women.


This finding addresses the results of previous studies that show that women have higher participation rates of online mental health support groups; so, if you're a woman, there is probably a higher interest in online mental health support groups.​ Which makes sense! After all, previous studies have shown that online-based support can provide peer support to infertility patients has psychological benefits for patients, including infertility patients.


Also, increased demand for online psychological support has been reported by the general population, women, people with higher educational level, and people experiencing stress.

The advantages of online peer support include the following:

  1. The opportunity to talk to peers suffering from the same condition,

  2. Its privacy, and

  3. Lower cost when compared to traditional support.

Higher perceived stress levels were correlated to higher interest in the use of online peer support. So, if you feel stressed: seriously consider joining an online fertility support group

One great online group that we have found is at HealthUnlocked.

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The original scientific article was published by the Reproductive Biomedicine & Society Online.

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